Sensors in the automotive sector

Sensor Systems

Today, intelligent sensors collect a lot of data in modern vehicles: Path, distance, angle, position. They are a necessary condition for more and more complex driver assistance systems that undertake various tasks. For example, a light, rain, temperature and humidity sensor is necessary for automatic light, climate and windscreen wiper functions. In principle, there is an enormous variety of sensors that detect physical variables such as light, pressure, temperature, air mass, force or humidity. And the driver assistance systems perform functions such as lane keeping assistance, distance warning, automatic parking or dynamic speed control.


Generate new business models with sensors and driving data

With the increasing use of sensors in automobiles, a completely new business model has emerged. Digital business and revenue models are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. The central question is how a provider of innovative service models can finally earn money with driving data. In the past, for example, the relationship between car buyers and automobile manufacturers consisted in the sale of vehicles. Subsequently, further revenues were generated through services such as maintenance and repair.

Digitisation is also leading to changes and innovative approaches in the automotive industry. The expected business with mobility services and additional digital services is enormous. Market observers expect total revenues of automobile manufacturers to grow by around five percent annually up to 2030. In the past, the growth rate was around 3.6 percent. The increase results from additional income from data-driven business models.

In times of digitalization, the challenge for automobile manufacturers is to develop corresponding digital offerings that are accepted by the market and the customer. These services can include topics such as car sharing or mobility services. However, the basis for all additional services is the information gathered from the data collected by intelligent sensor systems.

How can we contribute to your business success?

In the future, automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers will be successful if they have the necessary know-how in related areas, such as telecommunications.


For the development of sensor systems we offer you:

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